Professional Audio Visual Systems


Professional Audio Visual Systems

SynergyPlus in association with their partner also supply enterprises with the world’s most innovative audio visual solutions, helping them empower and unite their organizations. We integrate displays, digital signage, projection systems, audio and video conferencing systems and control systems to create unified communication environments which are forward-thinking and engaging.

Displays Technologies 

Groundbreaking, intelligent and even interactive display systems present a new generation of clarity, especially with UltraHD 4k resolution, offering breathtaking definition and image quality. Our LCDs, LEDs, OLEDs, Plasmas and next generation LPDs are the ultimate communication tools to deliver your presentation or message.

Dynamic Projectors

Rapidly-evolving technology has assured modern projection systems still have a place in today's presentation environments. There are three main types of projection technology: trans missive LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors and reflective LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors, all offering inherent benefits in color depth and quality and all capable of interactive response and 3D visualization where required.

Cloud Signage

Today, we're already experiencing the digital signage of the future, where displayed content communicates directly to a targeted audience with messages, information and presentations that are relevant, exciting and dynamic. Signage delivered via the Cloud provides a service that is not only highly adaptable, but extremely cost effective, negating the need for separate media players as displays can handle all the work using integrated SMART Chips.


Video is booming, whether it’s streaming online or via a videoconference meeting. A recent forecast of the impact of visual networking applications suggests the trend will continue on an upward trajectory. We’re passionate about the design and functionality of products that drive the video world and enable organizations and their people to communicate, present and inform. SynergyPlus provides powerful future-proofed video solutions that adapt with your own systems, networks and infrastructures to ensure you stay 'ahead of the game’ in communicating effectively.

Control Systems

Control systems are designed to simplify your AV systems to operate seamlessly. Imagine one-touch commands from fixed or wireless interfaces, even your tablet or phone that operates screens and drapes, dims lights and manages all sources before automatically selecting the appropriate input device and starting your presentation from a pre-designated projection or display device.

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