Business Mobiles

Working very closely with trusted, experienced partners SynergyMobile are in a position to provide considerably more than the average solution. The Mobile landscape has changed rapidly in the last eighteen months and where as most Mobile conversations begin and focus on benchmarking discussions; we take a more pragmatic approach.

  • Our pricing is highly competitive
  • Engagement is transparent, straightforward, black on white with a no nonsense approach.
  • Back end customer service results in a 96% retention rate
  • We also provide innovative BYOD/CYOD solutions


Step 1– We analyze and provide an Audit report on your current usage and trends which is more detailed and complete than the average Tariff report. We discuss our findings with you in detail and give you feedback as to whether your current package is right size for your needs (50% of the time it isn’t).

Step 2– A detailed proposal is provided based on your exact requirement taking into consideration your business plans for the future right sizing all elements – Minutes, Texts, Data and critically roaming.

Step 3–  A generous Hardware fund is provided that can be used as you see fit – Cash back/ Handsets/Combination of both/ or facility to use the fund with any other SynergyMobile products. In terms of Handsets, we determine with your assistance exactly what will be required and while we are happy to provide top of the range iPhones, we tend to find more prudent economical alternatives that deliver the exact requirement affecting significant cost savings.

Step 4– Cost control. We are able to put in place strict controls that range from text/ email warnings to cut off points on calls, texts and most importantly roaming, when limits are reached and at predetermined points that you decide. Clients who opt for this facility have enjoyed far greater control over their mobile estate and cost savings.

Step 5– You will have direct access to a dedicated account manager will be assigned who will proactively advise you on a monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly basis, as chosen by you (24/7 support is also available). Process and procedure will be enabled particularly on roaming where the relevant bolt ons will be discussed, added and managed  ensuring that spend is kept to the minimum. Quarterly reviews are standard and involve a trend Audit and feedback session where the account can be adjusted to reflect your latest trends and requirement.

If you are interested in having an informal chat around how we can help your business meet its strategic objectives, talk to us today – send us an enquiry or call 0800 915 6666