Hardware & Licensing


Hardware & Licensing

Hardware & Licensing is our second fastest growing division where we can provide a single source for all your needs. With very strong vendor relationships in place enabling us to source from a portfolio of over 2,000,000 product lines we have the flexibility and purchasing power to drive value into product supply and more often than not beat the majors on price.

Vendor agnostic, we deliver independent partial advice as and when required. In an age where spend is more value driven than ever, we  can also advise  and supply  refurbished Hardware from carefully selected vendors with rock solid guarantees ranging from Thin clients, HP Renew to top of the line Cisco products.

From Thin clients, desktops, servers, SAN’s, projectors, we deliver a cutting edge service that prides itself on speed of response, no nonsense black on white approach, flexibility and agility aligned with competitive pricing.  Many of our long term clients used us purely to benchmark and have never looked back. For more complex requirements/builds technical expertise is readily available.

In an age where Software licensing is being reduced through a more strategic approach, we deliver a wide range of products as well as leasing/loan facilities.  In addition we provide software asset management and fully managed compliance services.

We deliver substantially more than an order taking 9 – 5 department. We pride ourselves on speed of response, delivering what we promise and outstanding ongoing communication.

Why not benchmark us against your current supply chain? We think you might be quite surprised.

If you are interested in having an informal chat around how we can help your business meet its strategic objectives, please call 020 3751 8888 or contact us.