IT Networks And Systems


IT Networks and Systems

As part of any functioning business, communication with clients and suppliers is an everyday practice to schedule events, negotiate contracts and keep records. A SynergyPlus network helps you to achieve all your business objectives by providing a working environment that provides simple and efficient communications between your business, clients and suppliers. More than just cables and computer, a SynergyPlus network is tailored to your business to ensure you are getting the most out of your network.

What are the benefits?

  • Consistency across the entire system with tailored design, installation and support.
  • Utilises the best technology in the industry.
  • Designed, implemented and configured by industry experts.
  • Smooth implementation to minimise interruption to your normal business functions.
  • Lower running costs and improved efficiency naturally lead to money savings and a return on investment.
  • Provides a long term solution for your business functions.

Whether you are looking for an entirely new business computer network system, or simply wish to upgrade you current network, we can provide you with a free initial consultation. This process includes a visit to your premises where we can best discuss your business needs and requirements. We then draw up a proposal and submit it for your permission

What can we do?


A thorough and expert audit of your Business IT capabilities can lead to saving company time and resources. The purpose of the audit is to identify areas in your system that are working improperly and inefficiently, and suggest methods to rectify and improve system capabilities.


As they are so vital to modern business needs, networks require careful planning and implementation to ensure that they are benefiting your business as much as possible. Additionally, they need to be robust and not liable to become obsolete in the near future, as well as having low levels of maintenance. We work closely with our clients to identify initial requirements and suggest, implement and monitor new networks best suited for their business functions.
We handle all aspects of your new network, including business email, spam management, security and functions such as Virtual Private Networks if required.


SynergyPlus’ network solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible, allowing clients to reconfigure and implement new network functions to match new and demanding business objectives.

To find out more about how our Networks and Systems Solutions can help your business, please call SynergyPlus on 020 3751 8888 or please take a moment to contact us.