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SynergyGroup to achieve early GDPR compliance

Post date: May 2 2017

SynergyGroup has partnered with Sytorus, recognised leaders in pragmatic Data Protection deployment, to achieve GDPR compliance before the end of 2017. A full six months ahead of the 28th May 2018 legal deadline. What resonated most for SynergyGroup was Sytorus’ pragmatic approach to GDPR. An approach that ensures that Data Protection doesn’t become a commercial blocker to our business. Contact us today, to discuss your plan for becoming GDPR compliant.

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Post date: June 6 2011
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SynergyPlus continue to gain significant business in the Advertising and Media Vertical Market with contracts signed for the new UK Head Quarters of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). A strong Voice & Data proposition was demonstrated to the Decision Makers in Miami and Boulder, Colorado with Ethernet services deployed via Exponential-e and SIP Trunks from BT Wholesale's IP Voice Services range, providing the client with a powerful, robust and cost effective solution for their new offices.

Post date: May 1 2011
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Communication as a Service has traditionally been used by larger businesses and corporations, and in the past has been perceived as expensive or only suitable for larger enterprises. As new technology continues to emerge and prices continue to drop, medium-sized businesses are getting in on the action, and getting involved with CaaS.
Post date: November 14 2010
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In 2008 the FSA made it compulsory for the majority of companies under its jurisdiction to record business calls made over fixed lines. Since then we’ve helped many of our financial services clients achieve full compliance with this legislation.


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