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SynergyGroup to achieve early GDPR compliance

Post date: May 2 2017

SynergyGroup has partnered with Sytorus, recognised leaders in pragmatic Data Protection deployment, to achieve GDPR compliance before the end of 2017. A full six months ahead of the 28th May 2018 legal deadline. What resonated most for SynergyGroup was Sytorus’ pragmatic approach to GDPR. An approach that ensures that Data Protection doesn’t become a commercial blocker to our business. Contact us today, to discuss your plan for becoming GDPR compliant.

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Post date: December 16 2015
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SynergyConnect launch the final insight guide for their award winning Managed Networks - visibility of the entire application path  Can your wide area network provider tell you how your business-critical applications are performing?  Not just across the network, but how the applications themselves function and perform through a ‘single pane of glass’?  Have you suffered ‘finger pointing’ between application and network suppliers? 

Post date: December 14 2015
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Following the recent addition of SynergyConnect, we are pleased to announce our new Southern office at Brighton City Airport (Shoreham Airport).  This new address provides an excellent base in a key region for Synergy.  To attain offices at such a sought after location is great for the company and we look forward to welcoming clients and partners alike to visit the new site.

Post date: November 26 2015
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Contact us for a free no obligation quote to benchmark your current supplier. Our fastest growing division in 2014 with a turnover of £1M - we compete price wise favourably against the majors. Please call us on 0800 915 6666

Post date: November 18 2015
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September saw the launch of SynergyConnect, a sister company of SynergyPlus and SynergyTech, to develop and grow the networking business across the group.  The company is headed up by former lead technical consultant for BT Business’ Managed WAN solution, Chris Penny, and early market discussions have been well received.

Post date: November 6 2015
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SIP Trunks are a cost effective, resilient, feature rich alternative to your current Analogue or ISDN telephone lines. Our consultants, and pre-sales technicians, can assess the best possible roadmap to achieve the seamless migration to your new SIP Trunk service. Download our free whitepaper here

Post date: October 27 2015
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Microsoft 365 Free Whitepaper.


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