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SynergyGroup to achieve early GDPR compliance

Post date: May 2 2017

SynergyGroup has partnered with Sytorus, recognised leaders in pragmatic Data Protection deployment, to achieve GDPR compliance before the end of 2017. A full six months ahead of the 28th May 2018 legal deadline. What resonated most for SynergyGroup was Sytorus’ pragmatic approach to GDPR. An approach that ensures that Data Protection doesn’t become a commercial blocker to our business. Contact us today, to discuss your plan for becoming GDPR compliant.

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Post date: September 9 2015
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In what was seen by some as quite a brave announcement during their recent results statement, BT are quoted as saying that “by 2025, all our customers will be using IP voice”. This would mean all customers using ISDN would need to migrate at some point in the next 10 years to a single IP core network as BT hope to replace all legacy voice connectivity within this timeframe

Post date: August 13 2015
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Less than £19 Million left in free grants towards improving Business Data connections. To date 18,538 vouchers have been issued since April 2015 and £21,926,423 has been committed against the £40m funding allocation. SynergyPlus has a 100% success rate in winning free grants up to £3,000. As an authorized partner of the Government Urban Broadband scheme SP+ has been successful with every application to date and the process is pain free. Our average time for approval is 48 Hours from the day we submit.

Post date: August 6 2015
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Microsoft said that more than 14 million devices were running Windows 10 in the first 24 hours of the operating system’s release. It is a strong first-day number—until you realize there are billions of PCs out there.

Post date: July 22 2015
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The YouView UK Challenge team have are back safely from the Lake District! Thanks to your support and donations we were able to hit our £4500 fund raising target before we started the UK challenge, which was fantastic! Event videos and photos can be seen on the UK Challenge page . You can read full reports of the event stages on the

Post date: July 16 2015
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We’re delighted to announce that our client EPC’s new building, The Foundry, has been named the winner of a RIBA National Award. Describing the new centre, the judges said "the expressive language of the architecture appropriately suggests informality, openness and the idea of a collective of individuals."
Post date: June 25 2015
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YouView will again be raising money for their chosen charity - Apps for Good via this year’s UK Challenge in the Lake District on the 9th of July. SynergyPlus are delighted to sponsor our client for this worthy cause and would encourage anyone else who can, no matter how small the amount at - the process is very simple and takes about two minutes.


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