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SynergyGroup to achieve early GDPR compliance

Post date: May 2 2017

SynergyGroup has partnered with Sytorus, recognised leaders in pragmatic Data Protection deployment, to achieve GDPR compliance before the end of 2017. A full six months ahead of the 28th May 2018 legal deadline. What resonated most for SynergyGroup was Sytorus’ pragmatic approach to GDPR. An approach that ensures that Data Protection doesn’t become a commercial blocker to our business. Contact us today, to discuss your plan for becoming GDPR compliant.

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Post date: March 5 2015
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SynergyPlus’ financial year ended on 31/12/14 with unaudited figures showing a significant turnover increase of 49% on 2013’s figures. As a result 2015’s target have been achieved a year early! Traditional core Voice & Data products grew well complimented by IT Hardware, Licensing, Support and Project departments producing impressive figures. A big thank you to all at SynergyPlus and SynergyTech for another great year, and to all of our clients and suppliers for their continued support.

Post date: February 26 2015
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SynergyPlus’ financial year ended on 31/12/14 with unaudited figures showing turnover increasing significantly, over 49% (24.3% in 2013) on 2013’s figures, way above expectation levels – in fact we achieved 2015’s target a year early!
Our traditional core Voice & Data stable of products grew well; with our IT Hardware & Licensing department producing impressive figures complemented by good growth in IT Support and IT Projects.

Post date: February 19 2015
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The Social Justice Centre fully operational after completion of £5Million rebuild for 400 staff with SynergyPlus delivering all aspects of DATA -1 Gig Fibre, VOICE - Avaya 9.1 Server edition, Layer 2 VLAN to BT IPVS with 600 DDI’s and Failover, Lift & Alarm PSTN’s, AV – x 6 rooms Multi Media and Internal Server Infrastructure. From design to implementation and billing, the fully managed solution delivers high resilience, greatly reduced call costs and future scalability. Working with multiple contractors and coordinating a highly complex delivery, SJC are delighted with the result

Post date: February 12 2015
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Data Centre Project- SynergyPlus worked closely with their client from idea conception through to project delivery for a new venture at a Tier 3 Data center NGD bringing the relevant expertise to the table at the Architectural stage to create a scalable, resilient infrastructure for their new Hosting environment catering for 500+ Virtual servers. SynergyPlus provided competitive pricing for all aspects of the infrastructure, including VMware licensing, high level equipment - HP blades, Storage solutions and the latest converged Network solutions using Virtual Connect FlexFabric

Post date: January 29 2015
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Age UK final stage rollout to 175 sites consisting of 400 Work stations, 200 Printers and associated peripherals completed. Working with multiple supply chains and overcoming last minute hurdles concerning stock and courier shortfalls, SP+ worked tirelessly with both client and AUK’s project team to ensure on time and on budget delivery

Post date: January 5 2015
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NEW WEBSITE SynergyTech formed last year to cater for the SMB Sector - delivering IT Support, Hardware & Licensing, Telecoms & Mobile, Internet and Print solutions - has had a flying start.

A number of clients are already enjoying the financial and operational benefits of our Multi Sourcing delivery.


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