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SynergyGroup to achieve early GDPR compliance

Post date: May 2 2017

SynergyGroup has partnered with Sytorus, recognised leaders in pragmatic Data Protection deployment, to achieve GDPR compliance before the end of 2017. A full six months ahead of the 28th May 2018 legal deadline. What resonated most for SynergyGroup was Sytorus’ pragmatic approach to GDPR. An approach that ensures that Data Protection doesn’t become a commercial blocker to our business. Contact us today, to discuss your plan for becoming GDPR compliant.

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Post date: December 15 2014
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Age UK – Pilot scheme and Stage 1 for Network refresh to 175 Sites consisting of Thin Clients and Printers completed. Working with our client partner to win the tender which was submitted Q4 2014, SP+ IT arm delivers competitive edge pricing and delivery to 120 sites for AUK refresh to date. Stage 2 to be completed shortly.

Post date: December 8 2014
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Great News – the Government BDUK scheme of up to £3,000 free contribution towards upgrading Internet connections has been extend until March 2016 and additional areas added in. As an authorized partner, SynergyPlus has a 100% record in winning applications. The process is pain free and fast (our average time for approval is 48 Hours from the day we submit). Contact us on 0800 915 6666 or to find out

Post date: December 1 2014
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Further success in the charity sector with Family Action. Working with our client partner, SynergyPlus assisted with the roll out of Family Action’s countrywide Infrastructure refresh across 50 UK sites and 450+ staff.

Post date: November 10 2014
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As an accredited/authorized partner of the Government Urban Broadband scheme SP+ has been successful with every application to date. The process is pain free and fast (Our average time for approval is 48 Hours from the day we submit). Contact us on 0800 915 6666 or to find out more.

Post date: November 3 2014
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Following on from our success in Q1 and Q2, SynergyPlus’ team have exceeded all forecasts and expectations in Q3, breaking records every step along the way. Q3 was our highest turnover and profit quarter ever. We exceeded the turnover figure for the whole of 2013, by mid-September, with over 3 months of our financial year to go. And, most importantly, we achieved our forecasted turnover and profit for the whole of 2014 in Q3.

Post date: October 20 2014
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Having successfully worked with some of the UK’s best known Executive Search companies over the last 10 years, SynergyPlus are proud to add Pure Recruitment Group to this prestigious list. SynergyPlus were carefully selected to supply a highly resilient, dual provider data connectivity solution (taking advantage of Government Grants currently available) and Hosted IP telephony for their new London Headquarters.


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